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Florida Remote Online Notarization

On January 1, 2020, remote online notarization became authorized in Florida. This exciting new law for Florida Notaries allows them, with proper training and credentials, to notarize documents via secure A/V connections with clients.

Convenience – Confidentiality – Credibility

We take pride in serving our clients in complete privacy and with the most discretion available. Our Remote Online Notarization (RON) provider is authorized and certified by the State of Florida. LEARN MORE BELOW.

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Prestige Livescan is excited to announce that they have some of the very first personnel certified by the State of Florida to perform remote online notarizations! Our staff has undergone rigorous classroom and practical procedures along with passing the thorough exam with perfect scores!


What transactions can be used with remote online notarization in Florida?

All transactions that require a Florida Notary Public can be performed with remote online notarization. This includes real estate, wills, powers of attorney, or any legal document!

Prestige Livescan utilizes the most current, up-to-date software and hardware to bring you, our client, the easiest and smoothest remote online notarization available in Florida.

What am I required to produce for a remote online notarization in Florida?

You will need to produce the same identification as you would with an in-person notary. In addition, our state-of-the-art software complies with Florida Statutes to allow all parties personal appearances and extra security procedures for identity confirmation.

Do I have to be in Florida to get Florida documents notarized?

No! The only requirement to get a remote online notarization for your Florida documents is that the Notary Public is located anywhere in the State of Florida.

Is remote online notarization expensive?

No! Florida Statutes set the fee for each remote online notarization at $25 for each notarial act. If you need a copy of the notarized documents or a copy of the video, Florida Statutes sets the price for these copies at $20 for each notarial act.

For realtors, closing agents, and title companies, we can work with you on rolling the notary fees into the closing costs, which helps streamline the process and adds convenience to the transaction for all parties! 

How long does a remote online notarization take from start to finish?

Once Prestige Livescan receives your documents requiring remote online notarization, we generally will have your documents uploaded into the secure RON system within 1-2 hours, and dependent on how fast each party performs their duties, the remote online notarization process can be completed within 10-15 minutes. Prestige Livescan has taken the extra step for our clients and can start the remote online notarization process any day or time, generally within 4-6 hours of emailing the documents. We can notarize documents at night and on the weekend if needed! We are committed to expediently helping our clients with their needs!

Is Remote Online Notarization secure and safe?

YES! Prestige Livescan uses a RON provider that is authorized and certified by the State of Florida and has not only taken security and safety measures necessitated by the State but takes extra steps to ensure the safety of all data. Rest assured that your data is safe and sound. All of Prestige Livescan’s employees have undergone a thorough background check with the FDLE and FBI and are regularly drug tested.


Prestige Livescan offers Remote Online Notarization for Florida documents. 
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